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Richard Joseph (Dick) Ifield

What About His Family Now?

Dick Ifield

As mentioned elsewhere, Dick and his wife Muriel had seven sons. After his retirement, four of these sons, John, Bob, Colin and David continued to run the family engineering business.

His much beloved Muriel sadly passed away in May 2012 at the age of 96. Until then she was still very active and while in her nineties had gone into business raising and selling bonsai plants. She formed a partnership with Katherine Ferris which they operated out of Glenorie under the name of Bonsai MuriKath.

Of their seven sons, the youngest, Philip, died in a car accident at the age of 8. The second eldest, John died at the age of 59 having contracted liver cancer. Jim, the eldest died more recently in July 2004 shortly after his 70th birthday but, until then was active in assisting Muriel and Katherine with the bonsai business.

Colin left the engineering business and moved into the natural health field of Deep Muscle Therapy and for some time with his partner Katherine Ferris, operated out of Katherine's business, Sydney Wellbeing Centre (a natural healing centre). During this period he also developed skills in web design and writing articles on many subjects. After he retired he kept active with freelance journalism work and some website development. You can read more at http://dmt-centre.hopout.com.au. Colin passed away with cancer in 2013, aged 70.

The remaining sons are well and active:

Frank is very busy in the entertainment field, assisting and promoting young artists. Frank has recently released his autobiography I Remember Me - The first 25 years
To find out more about Frank you can visit his site at: www.frankifield.com

Bob has his own very successful hydraulic and lubrication engineering business and you can find out more at his web site at:

David, with his partner Deborah runs a private subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) centre. You can find out more by visiting their web site at: www.psh.com.au

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