Frank Ifield - Autobiography

I Remember Me - The First 25 years -Frank Ifield Autobiography Volume One

I Remember Me - The First 25 years
Frank Ifield Autobiography - Volume One

PREFACE (from the book)

This biographic book depicts my first 25 years; the full story has taken more than a decade to write and has turned out far too large for one volume.

Yet even this first part might not have materialised at all had it not been for my friend and musical director Bob Howe. Bob loved to hear 'behind the scenes' stories and urged me to write them down as the story of my life. Non-stop touring around the world made my life too hectic back then to attempt such a mind-boggling project. Then fate intervened and during an enforced recuperation following my hospitalisation in Australia, my brother Colin took upon himself an important role as 'Dr Fix-it'. He believed, quite rightly, that jotting down my memoirs, while teaching me to use a computer, would also prove therapeutic for my grey-matter; the therapy worked and although it was done purely for that reason, it nevertheless spawned the book's humble beginnings.

Enter Pauline Halford (herself a professional author). She made a timely approach from England with a desire to write a biography about me, and I felt comfortable that we could achieve it together, despite the tyranny of the distance between us.

We have tried to faithfully sketch in the background of my formative years, coloured by my own emotional feelings and as seen through my eyes at the age I was at the time. My beloved home countries of Britain and Australia may well have changed much with the passage of time, yet my love and pride in them both has remained constant.

Now, having entered the 21st century, my wife Carole and I have been further blessed in the role of grandparents to a bright-eyed, eager-to-lean young lad by the name of Jack. So I feel it may be good for us all to reflect upon our yesterdays, if only to pass on for perpetuity the good things we have been privileged to learn from our experiences. By adhering to the positives in our individual lives, I hope we all might find inspiration together, allowing us to face the uncertain world of tomorrow with strength, greeting a brand new unwritten chapter of life as a positive challenge.

Frank Ifield

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